Hydrosols (also called hydrolats) are the water portion of the steam distillation process. They contain water soluble constituents and a minor amount of emulsified essential oil. Their aromatic character is often quite different from the essential oils. All of the non-native, cultivated hydrolats are locally grown (and unsprayed) in the Sedona/Verde Valley region. All hydrosols are collected and stored in glass until an order is filled.

All hydrolats are $15 and contained in 4 oz. PET plastic bottles. All prices include shipping.

Blue Spruce (wild harvested) hydrosol

Arizona Everlasting Hydrosol (wild harvested) - Sold out for now.






Blue Spruce (wild harvested) hydrosol

Blue Spruce Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Chaparral hydrosol (wild harvested)

Chaparral/Pinyon Co-distill Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Eucalyptus, Omeo Gum hydrosol (cultivated)

Eucalyptus, Omeo Gum Hydrosol (cultivated)






Fir, Corkbark hydrosol (wild harvested)

Fir, Corkbark Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Fir, Douglas hydrosol (wild harvested)

Fir, Douglas Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Fir, White hydrosol (wild harvested)

Fir, White Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Juniper, Utah hydrosol (wild harvested)

Juniper, Utah Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Juniper Wood hydrosol (wild harvested)

Juniper Wood Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Lavandin hydrosol (cultivated)

Lavandin Hydrosol (cultivated)






Lavender hydrosol (cultivated)

Lavender Hydrosol (cultivated)






Melissa hydrosol (cultivated)

Melissa Hydrosol (cultivated)






Mexican Arnica hydrosol (wild harvested)

Mexican Arnica Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Oregano hydrosol (cultivated)

Oregano Hydrosol (cultivated)






Peppermint hydrosol (wild harvested)

Peppermint Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Pine, Pinyon hydrosol (wild harvested)

Pine, Pinyon Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Rosemary, Cineole hydrosol (cultivated)

Rosemary, Cineole Hydrosol (cultivated)






Rosemary Mint hydrosol (wild harvested)

Rosemary Mint Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Sagebrush hydrosol (wild harvested)

Sagebrush Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Sage, Cleveland hydrosol (cultivated)

Sage, Cleveland Hydrosol  (cultivated)






Sage, Garden hydrosol (cultivated)

Sage, Garden Hydrosol (cultivated)






Sage, White hydrosol (cultivated)

Sage, White Hydrosol (cultivated)






Sand Sage hydrosol (wild harvested)

Sand Sage Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Savory, Winter hydrosol (cultivated)

Savory, Winter Hydrosol (cultivated)






Snakeweed hydrosol (wild harvested)

Snakeweed Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Spearmint hydrosol (wild harvested)

Spearmint Hydrosol (wild harvested)






Vitex hydrosol (cultivated)

Vitex Hydrosol (cultivated)






Vitex hydrosol (cultivated)

Wild Yarrow Hydrosol (cultivated)






Yerba Santa hydrosol (wild harvested)

Yerba Santa Hydrosol (wild harvested) Sold out for now.