Aromatherapy Newsletter: Summer 2017

Summer News, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

"Blue" Peppermint

As always, it has been a busy Summer, and we are spending as much time in nature as possible!  We’re happy to say that our Rosemary Mint, Cleveland Sage and Wild Peppermint are back in stock, but supplies are very limited on all three. 

Blue Peppermint

When we distilled the Wild Peppermint we forgot to change out the hose that we use for distilling Yarrow only. The oil at the end of a Yarrow distillation is extremely thick. Even though the hose had been cleaned, there was still some residual oil, which is often the case, and why we only use it for Yarrow.  So the Peppermint has a beautiful light blue tinge.  The aroma is fantastic, for those of you who don’t mind the additional trace of chamazulene.  We personally feel that Yarrow blesses everything it touches!

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It’s almost Mexican Arnica season again, so we are offering a short sale on last years batch.  To learn more about this amazing plant and its essential oil, please click here to read Mexican Arnica, Healer of People and the Environment, as it appeared in the international journal, Aromatherapy Acology Today.

Rosemary Mint flower

Mexican Arnica with Lace Wing

Peppermint in Oak Creek Canyon

We hope you all enjoy the rest of your Summer,
Clare and Max Licher





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