Aromatherapy Newsletter: February 2016

New Oils from Iceland

Dear Friends and Family,

Firstly, we would like to say thank you to everyone who purchased tickets for the Botanica 2016 raffle!  It was a great success and we are good to go. A special Thank You to Rhiannon Harris-Lewis, Andrea Butje, and their teams for making this all possible.

We are so pleased to be able to introduce 3 wonderful new essential oils from Iceland, distilled by our friend Hraundis Gudmundsdottir.

Hraundis works for the Icelandic Forest Service, and is involved in a major, countrywide reforestation project.  She herself has planted over 100,000 trees on her family’s property!

She came to visit us in January, 2015, on a grant from the Icelandic Government to learn about essential oil distillation.  After a little over a week of wildcrafting, distilling, plant walking and touring, she returned home and promptly hired her nephew to build her a distiller.  She then spent the rest of the Winter converting an out building into a distillery.

We went to Iceland in July and helped her set up her new distiller.  We were honored and thrilled to participate in the first essential oil distillations in Icelandic history!  We distilled Norway Spruce, Yarrow and Lodgepole Pine.  Hraundis has been very busy since then and has also distilled Sitka Spruce, Sub Alpine Fir, Angelica Seed, Birch Leaves, Sweet Grass, Stone Pine and more.!

Clare and Max

P.S. Coming Soon - New Hydrosols!

Iceland Photo Gallery


Distilling Norway Spruce

Collecting Norway Spruce

Raudsgil (Red Canyon), Hraundis' home

Balancing the condenser

Arabella with Lupines

Connecting the condenser

Hraundis in America

Patiently waiting for oil

She's a Bee keeper too!  What a woman!

Scouting for essential oil plants

Happy in her distillery

Hraundis' son, Snorri

Closing the retort

Lady's Mantle- prized by the Alchemists for the dew it produces

Icelandic Thyme 

Icelandic wildflowers

Arabella in a dwarf Birch forest

On the Western Peninsula 

Hot Springs!

Icelandic farmhouse

One of the thousands of fabulous waterfalls

Wild Violet

Traditional houses