Aromatherapy Newsletter: Winter 2015

Winter Harvest News, 2015 - Announcements and Thanks!

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Winter Harvest News

Upcoming Workshop

Speaking Engagement

Thank Yous!

We were blessed with an unusually long Fall season and had the good fortune to distill many new plants.  Some of these are new to us, and some have quite possibly never been distilled before.  They include Wild Yarrow, Wild Bergamot Mint, Lemon Scurf Pea, Ambrosia confertifolia (AKA Ragweed) and Arizona Everlasting. We have written articles about each plant and harvest. See all Aromatherapy Articles here. Enjoy!

Upcoming Aromatherapy Workshop

Wildcrafting and Distilling Pinyon Pine, an Iconic Southwestern Essential Oil

May 22-24, 2015

San Fransisco Peaks
from Walnut Canyon

Join us as we venture East of Flagstaff and the San Francisco Peaks, Arizona, to wildcraft Pinyon Pine.  In this workshop we will be focusing on sustainable harvesting practices, ‘high grading’ for creating artisal quality essential oil, traditional herbal uses of Pinyon Pine and other Southwest plants, distillation techniques, and contemporary uses of the essential oils.

To add your experience of place, we will also be dining in restaurants featuring delicious regional Southwest cuisine, and visiting Walnut Canyon National Monument, where you can either stroll along the rim, or hike down in for a closer look at the ancient cliff dwellings.

View more details and the itinerary here.

Please call Clare at (928) 282-4956 to reserve your space!


About our Workshops

We offer public and private events, ranging from 1/2 day presentations, up to 4 day hands-on distillation workshops.

Private events can be tailored to meet the particular interests of your group or organization.

We also offer weekend apprenticeships.

Please contact us for more information!

Speaking Engagement

We will be speaking at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy’s 8th International Aromatherapy Conference, Nov. 6- 8, in San Francisco.  We are very honored and grateful for the invitation. Click here to learn more about this event and to register.

Thank Yous!

Hraundis Godsmunsdottir
from Iceland!

We would like to thank Hraundis Godsmunsdottir, who traveled all the way from Iceland to spend a week distilling with us.  She works for the Icelandic Forest Service and is involved with large scale reforestation projects.  She herself has planted over 90,000 trees!  She came here on a government grant, which is also supporting her process of setting up a distillery.  This is a completely new enterprise in Iceland.  There are a surprising number of similar species of plants between Arizona and Iceland (who would have thought!) and she too will be doing a lot of experimenting with the native plants.  Go Hraundis!

Thank you Jacie Crowell, owner of Sedona Skin and registered member of the Shoshone- Bannock tribe.  She has created a wonderful lotion bar in Uptown Sedona, where she is also featuring our essential oils.  In her shop you can custom blend your own lotion from a full international selection of essential oils, or choose from her line of beautiful Southwest essential oil creams.  She also has a vast selection of other great products, including Sedona Woman perfume. If you live here or are visiting, please check out her shop at 247 North 89A (upstairs).  We are sure you will enjoy yourself!

We would also like to thank Lynne Elman, a perfumer and San Francisco native, who also spent a week with us wildcrafting and distilling. She is purchasing a distiller and remodeling her store, Scentsuall (located at 438 Haight Street), where she will be teaching classes on Aromatherapy, Perfumery and Nutrition.  We honor her for the care she gives to many people in her community and wish her great success.

Video Interview

Last and certainly not least, thank you Jenn Cohen from the Verde Valley experience.  She interviews local artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and event organizers for her television show.  Her visit forced us to clean up the studio, and it was a lot of fun.  We appreciate her service to the Verde Valley. 

Our segment starts at 40:40.


Have a great day!
Clare and Max Licher