Aromatherapy Newsletter: Fall and Holidays 2015

Many New Oils and a Christmas Special

It has been a beautiful Fall season in Sedona Arizona.

In this Newsletter:


Wild Yarrow

Sub Alpine Fir



Special Sale

There has been just enough snow to stimulate the trees, but not enough to keep us out of the forest!

We would like to express our gratitude to Monika Haas and Kurt Schnaubelt for inviting us to speak at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy’s 8th International Conference in San Francisco, this past November. It was a wonderful event and a great opportunity for us to share our work. We introduced several new oils at the conference, and I am just now finally getting them on the website.


Wild Yarrow Essential Oil

We are now offering small amounts of Wild Yarrow, wildcrafted from numerous locations in Northern Arizona.  This fantastic, panacea oil is such a deep cobalt blue (from it’s chamazulene content) that light can barely penetrate it!


Sub Alpine Fir

We also distilled Sub Alpine Fir this past October. We were on our annual Blue Spruce collection trip, and were thrilled to find this tree also.  Collected from the Kaibab National Forest, at about a 9,000 ft. elevation, the aroma of this oil encompasses the entire forest.


NEW! Co-distills

We have two new co-distills!  Alligator Juniper Wood and Yarrow Co-Distill is a beautiful combination.  The Juniper Wood enhances the skin penetration of the Yarrow, making it a fantastic pain and inflammation remedy (it has helped me tremendously with carpal tunnel).  It is also calming to the heart and nervous system.  We also tried this combination with Ponderosa needles.  Alligator Juniper Wood, Yarrow and Ponderosa Needle Co-Distill is also supportive of the respiratory system and relieving of muscle strain.  All three of these plants grow side by side in the Ponderosa woodlands on the Mogollon Rim.



Last, but not least are the Desert Wildflower Macerations in Jojoba Oil.  We had some extra rain this year that led to profuse wildflower blooms.  We had the good fortune to work with Desert Verbena and Cliff Rose (something I had wanted to do for years!). 

Special Christmas Sale!


We are having a Special from now through Christmas! Arizona Corkbark Fir 5 ml. for $15, and Rocky Mountain Juniper 5ml. for $15. Happy Holidays! Clare and Max Licher

Happy Holidays!
Clare and Max Licher